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Advice on Kundalini

Now how do you remove the thought from your mind is the problem. Thoughts are all the time in your mind…but when the Kundalini rises, then what happens is that these thoughts become elongated…and there is a gap in between the thoughts and this gap is the place of our peace.

If you achieve that peace, the world peace can be achieved. By just taking placards, by shouting for peace, you cannot establish peace. Peace has to come from the hearts of human beings. In the hearts of human beings peace can be only established when you establish the Spirit within it´s core, where it manifests the bliss of peace. When you start enjoying the bliss of peace you don´t want wars, you don´t think of a war and that is the state where now the human beings have to rise and to go.

-von Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi- 

Grasp the essence!

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the master of all masters, the greatest avatar, came on this earth at the turning point of human consciousness to spread the message of sahaja yoga, which is the experience of the spirit.

Through this message, mankind is able to understand the connection between all religions, cultures and the essence of live. The collective experience of the vibrations from the spirit is the first milestone for human elevation.

People get the possibility to have their own never-ending experiences at the level of sahasrara. As it is promised in every holy scripture, the sahasrara makes clear the meaning of „Know thyself“.


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